About Us

Karthika Investzone Capital Private Limited (KICPL) is a one-stop shop for the complete suite of products and solutions in the Wealth Management lifecycle. KICPL is a leading provider of Wealth Management Solutions to both individuals and corporates. KICPL is registered with AMFI as a distributor of Mutual Funds, and is an empanelled distributor for almost all Mutual Fund Asset Management Companies (AMCs).

Our company was established over 40 years ago, and built upon our founding legacy as a representative for Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India, where we are still a long-standing member of the LIC Chairman’s Club of agents.

Karthika Investzone Capital Private Limited (KICPL) follows a well-thought out, process-driven approach in providing investment advisory services to its clients. Our twenty years of experience in this industry have helped us to conduct our business according to a time-tested investment process and philosophy. Our guiding principles are based on complete transparency in our dealings with clients. We always give paramount importance to our clients’ trust and our reputation rather than focusing on short-term gains.

The Management and Wealth Solutions Team:

Mr. S. Ramakrishnan Nair, Chairman and Founder:

Mr. S. Ramakrishnan Nair started his business as an agent for LIC in in 1971, and from this humble beginning, by sheer hard work and gaining the confidence of customers, laid the foundation for what is now KICPL. He followed the principles of complete honesty and “always putting client’s interests first” in his business, a legacy that continues to this day.

Mr. R. Unnikrishnan, MD and CEO:

Mr. R. Unnikrishnan is the son of the founder, Mr. Ramakrishnan Nair. Unnikrishnan started learning the business under the guidance of his father and absorbed the same founding principles. Using the existing base of clients initially, as a logical step forward, he diversified the insurance business into investment solutions and wealth management. Unnikrishnan has also expanded the client universe of KICPL multi-fold, and is now responsible for running the day-to-day business operations of KICPL.

Mr. Arun Raja, Head of Wealth Management:

Mr. Arun Raja is Head of Wealth Management at KICPL. KICPL is a leading provider of Wealth Management and Solutions to both individuals and corporates, and an empanelled distributor for almost all mutual fund companies (also known as Asset Management Companies - AMCs). Mr. Arun Raja has been working with KICPL for 6 years, starting as a Financial Advisor and now heads the Wealth Management business for KICPL’s clients. He is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, with an overall working experience of over 25 years across various industries.

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